Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God’s Grace on Display

My mother-in-law suffered a stroke on Saturday night and is now in the hospital receiving excellent care from the folks at Union Memorial CCU.  How was God’s grace put on display?  When she had the stroke she was not alone.  She lives alone, but that weekend she was visited by her daughter and son. When her speech became jumbled her son knew immediately that something was amiss and called 911.
She was transported by ambulance to a hospital that was only a mile from her residence.    She received prompt attention.
Six of her seven sons and daughters were all notified within three hours  and the seventh by the next afternoon.  Soon all of her children were by her side.  Twenty hours after the event, she was talking, groggy but lucid and cognizant of everyone and her surroundings, and 36 hours later sitting up and wanting to go home (of course she’s not returning home yet).  My 77 year-old mothers-in-law, Ms Bessie, is one tough cookie.  
She has lived her life for her family, working hard and loving them fiercely.  She is the backbone and the bedrock upon which the Grafton Matthews family is built.    No wonder children and  grandchildren came running to her bedside (I think we overwhelmed the security personnel at Union Memorial).
God’s greatest display of His grace is that He allowed her to remain with us a bit longer.  Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!  

Ms Bessie looking great at 77!

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