Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Year! Astonishing Grace! Almighty Hands!

Thoughts at the start of a new year.  (Forgive me if you find my thoughts to be disjointed.  My heart is overflowing with joy!)

God keeps  the sacred sweets abounding to me!  I've certainly done nothing to deserve them, He is infinitely gracious and merciful!
His astonishing grace  takes my breath away when I spend more than a few moments contemplating it. I get overwhelmed when I think God loved me Sheila, enough to send His Son – Jesus, to die for my sins, to rise again and to make me His child. (btw - God did this not just for me, but for anyone who will trust in Jesus! even you!)  Such knowledge is far too wonderful for me!   By myself I am a small frightened self-centered soul stuck inside a wimpy sack of flesh and bones, morally weak and infinitely scatterbrained.  Emotionally on edge, full of great intentions but never quite putting feet to my great “resolves”.    But God in His infinite love  choose me that I should be to the praise of His glory, that I should be displayed as one of His masterpieces. (Eph 1:12, 2:10)   
What a thought!  
     What a privilege!  
          What a responsibility!
               What a challenge God has taken on for another year. 
 I am grateful His hands are mighty and He has placed me in them.

Prayer for 2012- 

 Joshua 4:24 (I took liberty to paraphrase)
 O God, 
That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that we might fear the LORD our God for ever. 

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