Monday, February 14, 2011

First Entry

Welcome to all who have stumbled upon this page.  My prayer is that you will be benefitted from what I post.  I believe life is like a vapor - delicate, fleeting, all too soon gone.  I would like you to be blessed, edified, encouraged and challenged as you spend your precious few minutes reading my posts. 

My expertise is homemaking.  I have been a stay-at-home wife and mom for the past twenty-five years.  Prior to that I was the director of a shelter for homeless women.  Prior to that I traveled the world for four years with the USArmy.  Prior to that I was a student for three years at a Bible College.  Prior to that I spent four years in an all-girls high school.  I've had a wide variety of life experiences that give me a platform to say something - hopefully, something meaningful.

The most significant experience in my life has been knowing God and coming to love Him.  Prior to knowing Him, my life was uncertain, chaotic, and hopeless.  Since coming to know Him, life is still oftentimes uncertain and chaotic, but never hopeless. I realize He is in control of everything, He is good and He can be trusted to work everything out to honor Himself and to help all those who trust Him.

I hope to use this blog to encourage you to trust Jesus Christ.  If you already trust Jesus then I would like to encourage you  to keep loving Him and enjoying Him.  I plan to use this blog as a soapbox, journal, newsletter, and sounding board.  Like most moms, I always feel as though I have great advice to give.


  1. I am excited that you have joined the blogging family! I am very sure that you will be well received and that your posts will impact many lives for the Kingdom to the Glory of God. Blog away and have fun! Incidentally and you are off to good start, like your blog!